Monday, October 29, 2012

I take my serenading very seriously.

Exultant - very happy
Sentence-  I know enough to fill up with happy confidence and exultant hopes

A few weeks ago  my friends taught me what it's like to actually feel great about myself. .Here's how it happened. 

Picture this; my best friends and I are in a car, laughing at our stupidity   Justin Beiber  blaring on my besties car radio, and while Tyrone is driving Leslie and I singing to him with all our heart. We take serenading each other very seriously I might out. It's funny to say but Justin Beiber made me spontaneous.  I'm not talking about like oh he made me sing out loud, and it was cool. I mean , full on dance party in the middle of Downtown Fort Worth, with the two greatest people alive. 

This is what life is all about. It's not about drama, anger, heartbreak, or running away from your problems. It's about the moments that fill you up with so much joy that you can't imagine life being bad. It's the kind of joy that all your problems seem so miniscule and ridiculous. 

I can't tell you guys that my life is perfect, because it isn't. I make mistakes everyday, and I have hurt a lot of  people in my lifetime as well as been hurt. But when moments happen like this, I can't help but think " It's all worth it."

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