Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maybe I've been watching too much Sex & the City.

Everyone who knows me knows that I hate talking about my feelings, and that I'm able to mask my emotions with heavy sarcasm and witty banter. I'm also really good at avoiding any type of " deep or sensitive conversation." It's actually a skilled talent of mine.  It's always an awkward question to me when you go on several dates with someone, and they think it's a great idea to ask " Why are you single"

First off dude " WHY ARE YOU SINGLE?"

And the truth is no one actually wants you to honestly answer this questions honestly, no one wants to say the honest truth as to why we single people are single. Because either we don't know, or like me you have to explain to someone that you are a walking contradiction.

I am the most confident shy girl who is book smart but without the right guidance could fail in the real world. I am a sweet  and caring witch  of a woman who will put you in your place. I'm reserved  but I speak my mind. I'm terrified of not being afraid. I am crazy normal .

There are so many reasons why I'm single, but let's ask ourselves are we really ready to let someone know that we are single because we can't even figure ourselves out? Instead of asking why we are single like we are being plagued with some curable disease that if we just say all the right things and act the right way that can cure being single; why is single a disease and not a blessing?

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